Friday, May 1, 2009


Why,this is the question that people have been asking for as long as we as a species have existed.
So I as the head of this blog ask you to answer a few of these questions.

Why do we stare at the stars?
Why are we attracted to babies?
Why do we prefer mammals over insects?
Why do we love and adore our children?
Why do we eat meat?
Why are we afraid of the dark?
Why do we like music?

feel free to answer any of these questions, or submit your own!!!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Some Economist Questions

Thomas -- this blog's Captain -- honors me, his dad, with his request that I be a co-blogger with him. I'm psyched!

Thomas's dad is an economist, a fact that sounds less interesting than a practical joke played by a Vulcan. But, in fact, economics is loads of fun.

Here are a few things that we economists think we can explain. Can you?

1) Why are prices in convenience stores (such as 7-11) usually higher than are prices in supermarkets?

2) Why can you always find plenty of bagels at the bagel store even though you never call ahead to alert the bagel store and its bagel bakers that you plan to come in to buy one or two dozen bagels?

3) Why did gasoline in the 1970s become more expensive despite government's command that gasoline sellers keep their prices low?

4) Why are most books published first only in hardcover editions, and only later in paperback editions?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prime Minister devalued

Here is a clip my dad found on You Tube. Most people have got it, I think, but it is still funny.
this is a photo of Daniel Hannan MEP