Saturday, September 27, 2008

This land

At Cafe Hayek if you click on August 2008, then search "campaigning" you should find a link to "Time for Some Campaigning," a spoof on the 2008 election. This video is by JibJab. If you go to their website they have a spoof on the 2004 election which you should watch (the whole way through, literally) and they have "Time for Some Campaigning." The spoof on the 2004 election is called "This Land." There is a little bit of bad language, but only twice and it's not the worst bad language. I think it's hysterical, for all you libertarians out there.

(HT: My friend Miss Candace, aka Candace Smith).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Spores are Coming

There is a new game out called Spore where you start out as a one celled organism on the microscopic level and get to the macroscopic level and then to civilization and then to galactic conquest (cool!).

This game is compatible with windows and mac(there is also a ipod,iphone model). I highly recommend this game to anyone who has a interest in fun and sort if not very educational games.

Thomas Boudreaux

Thursday, September 4, 2008

K for Klingon

On my way to school today I was thinking that it would be very interesting to have a Star Trek series told from the point of view of the Klingons, especially before the Klingons and the Federation had an alliance. It would be good if the series would start in the early Star Trek Enterprise era, where Star Fleet found a Klingon and brought him back to Qo' noS. This is when the Federation and the Klingons first became enemies. Then maybe after 70 or 8o episodes of this series you'd create a new series in the original series era. And to close out the Star Trek series there would another 70 or 80 episodes from after the Khitomer Accord--during the Next Generation era. Wouldn't that be cool to all you trekkies out there?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CHROME at Home

We have just downloaded Chrome, the new internet browser by Google.  So far, I think it's great.  I really like the way you can move tabs into different positions or drag them into a new window.  It's also really simple to add a new tab -- just hit the + button.  You don't have to go to "file" or "new tab."  I also really like the fact that if you have a bookmark say on Firefox you can use the wrench in the top right-hand corner and import bookmarks and other information from your other browers.  I also like the fact that file edit and other tool buttons at the top of other  browers (such as view) are all put into one space -- the page menu next to the wrench menu.  In my view, I think CHROME will easily challenge Internet Explorer and Firefox.  

Thomas Boudreaux