Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CHROME at Home

We have just downloaded Chrome, the new internet browser by Google.  So far, I think it's great.  I really like the way you can move tabs into different positions or drag them into a new window.  It's also really simple to add a new tab -- just hit the + button.  You don't have to go to "file" or "new tab."  I also really like the fact that if you have a bookmark say on Firefox you can use the wrench in the top right-hand corner and import bookmarks and other information from your other browers.  I also like the fact that file edit and other tool buttons at the top of other  browers (such as view) are all put into one space -- the page menu next to the wrench menu.  In my view, I think CHROME will easily challenge Internet Explorer and Firefox.  

Thomas Boudreaux

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