Saturday, August 23, 2008

FEE for me

From the time I was two months old until I was four, I lived and my parents worked at FEE (the Foundation for Economic Education).

Back when I lived there the most advanced piece of technology was a Windows 99 system. But I visited FEE today and they now have Windows Vista, a Mac Book Air and a plasma tv. This made me think how technology in such a short period of time has advanced so far. I think technology changing quickly is a really good thing. If you think about it, before the Industrial Revolution we didn't have electric light bulbs at all, all light came from candles, oil lamps, and the sun. We didn't have cars or a lot of other items we consider necessities today. And then during the Industrial Revolution (the modern renaissance) in America and other countries a lot of innovative people started inventing things are pretty quickly; we started getting inventions at a marvelous rate. First, we had steam power that could run trains (iron horses), then we had the telegraph, then the phonograph, photography, electric light bulbs, the list goes on and on. Most notably we also got cars and planes. Even though people don't think about it today in a way we are still in an invention revolution.

BTW, here's the belated answer to my question posted at

If theres a WII theres a Way

The first TNG episode was . . . Encounter at Farpoint, Part I -- good job to Steve!

Here's my next question:

What is the title of the episode where Data says "Honey, I'm home"?


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