Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night I explained to my mom that you can make playlists directly on an iPod, and that got me thinking "how could some people not realize how great the market is?" EX: My dad was explaining how he once knew a girl who said "I don't like the Beatles." In response my dad asked "why not?"and the lady answered "they're people pleasers."

You and I alike might ask "why not like a company that pleases people?"

Thomas boudreaux


  1. Thomas,

    Do you mean you don't have to be connected to the computer and itunes to create the playlist? If so, would you show me how the next time I see you?

    Mr. Albaugh

  2. Thomas - Thanks for explaining how just about anything in life - in this case the creating of a playlist - can be proof of - or an explantion of why - markets are so great. YOu clearly have taken your Dad's skill to a whole new level. And that is the best compliment I could give you. Do keep blogging. Frayda

  3. Congratulations - you're wiser than 99% of the adults I've met!

  4. Like father, like son! Good work Thomas!

  5. I like companies that please people, and markets do organize people this way, but your friend possibly meant something else by "[the Beatles are] people pleasers". Maybe she thinks they pander, like politicians. What do you think she meant?

  6. Because I'm a person, not a people.

  7. Good job Thomas! I´m a Brazilian fan of you father and, following his recommendation (published in his blog), I´m stopping by to check out your blog. I would like to subscribe Tjic words and let you know that you are wiser than 99% of the people of the world, including Mr Obama and the Brazilian President (and the vast majority of the presidents of the world...). Good to know that you are also a market fan! Keep up with the great job!


  8. I'm 58 years old and I cried today. I cried for a man who I did not know. He died today at the age of 80. During the Vietnam war, he flew a helicopter into a battle zone many times to pick up soldiers in trouble. The helicopter was hit 14 times. After his death, there are 101 living winners of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    Free markets are great and America is great. Vietnam may have been a poor choice of wars to enter but the man who died today put his life on the line to serve people he did not know. Markets serve us all.