Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life's Joys

Life is full of joys -- of sorrows, too, of course. But the joys are far greater and, for most of us (including me) more numerous than the sorrows.

My greatest joy is watching my son -- and, now, also my co-blogger, Thomas Macaulay Boudreaux -- grow into manhood. He is still only eleven years old, yet he is thoughtful (even sometimes philosophical), caring, empathetic, and fun. And with this blog, Thomas and I will have fun together - and, hopefully, also offer some insights and fun (!) to our readers.

Thomas loves Star Trek, his dogs Albert and Molly, his friends Paddy, Andrew, Charlie, Aaron, Rusty, Liam, Kit, and Jaycee. He also loves science (especially about space) and watching Dirty Jobs, Myth Busters, and Monty Python. And he's thrilled to be learning to fence.

The world Thomas will grow up in will very likely be, if imperfect, full of wonders and the potential for happiness for him. He is my greatest achievement -- and together he and I hope to share a small part of our wonderful, happy, science-and-laugh-filled world with you.



  1. Fencing should be very exciting! Which weapon are you learning to fence on (Foil, Epee, Saber)?

  2. To answer Lauren's question I fence foil and I think it's great.

  3. Hello,

    I am also 11 years old and I fence!
    I have been fencing since 2005.

    Fencing is a great sport of communication between people, and a good sport of mind, fencing is not just strength, but precision and mind, the goal is not getting your blade or the end of your sword in someones stomach, it is thinking of a strategy to touch the opponent.
    Well I hope my "article" isn't useless.

    For my personal information I fence
    Epee and I live in Paris, France.

    Hope You will have a great time fencing!